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Dear Netflix People

Hi there! It’s me. Another white, cishet man here to tear down something that the people of color finally get a foot into! Well, okay, not exactly. In fact, I’m all for appropriate diverse casting. I’ll touch on this in general briefly, and probably write something up about the broader topic in another post, but let’s just explore Netflix’s specific stunt-casting for the time being.

So, Netflix, you managed to find a way to bring in more subs! Congratulations. I’m rooting for you to keep going, but the way you’re picking properties isn’t likely to keep you chugging right along for too long. At some point, hopefully soon, this ultra-sensitive social justice warrior craze will fade just like extremist PC culture did in the 1990s. And no, I don’t mean top-end computer hardware here. Computer dick measuring didn’t really become a thing until the later 2000s. I mean the whiny cause-oriented garbage that we’re seeing reemerge lately.

Netflix, you started out with some interesting new original shows. Well, I say “interesting” but I really mean “that happened”. Regardless, you had House of Cards, which kinda made me want to check it out, but then you kept going. “Orange is the New Black” was the new “it” show that brought people’s attention to you. A “women in prison” tv show! This is gonna be aw- oh. It’s a drama. And not filled with attractive supermodels getting naked to disco music. Never mind. But hey, it has plenty of minority characters! That’s good, right? We’re going for diversity, right? Okay, cool. So what’s next?

Holy crap, I guess Disney has a lot of faith in you guys. You get to handle Marvel’s… Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. eh?  Well, I guess that was kinda neat. Must have been worth it to Disney/Marvel though, since you then got Daredevil, then… Jessica Jones, then Luke Cage! Then you get… Okay, Iron Fist? Meh. Danny Rand’s okay I guess. Oh but you’re getting another Punisher attempt at least! Oh, but be careful guys, don’t wanna offend anyone! You might just need to kill off Danny and replace him with a transblack woman from China.  After all, more recently you’ve been exploring outside that exciting D-list Marvel box!

So, this year we’ve got stuff like Girlboss, 13 Reasons Why, Chewing G- OH MY GOD KILL THAT THING WITH FIRE, the Amy Schumer “Leather Special” (how’d THAT one work out for ya? Oh, right, it caused you to switch from actual ratings to Youtube-like thumbs-up/thumbs-down ratings. Good job), and of course “Dear White People”.

Look. I get it. “Diversity culture” is this whole thing now. And by “diverse” they mean “let’s flip the script and make white people and black people opposite of their actual prevalence in American ethnic makeup”. Oh, and for some reason, swap the narrative of the past where men dominated screen time so that women instead dominate it. But men are still portrayed as idiots, just like in the past. Now there are just fewer of them. Hooray? Way to be diverse, I guess. This can’t possibly go wrong in the near future or anything.  No siree.

Ah crap. It can, can’t it?

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