Competition for the Internet

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I know I come off as always right-leaning on a lot of my posts, and for the most part, this is true. I’m very much a supporter of the free market and letting people help themselves as much as possible. That said, the internet is one place where I’m very left-leaning. At least, I’m against […]

An Open Letter to Youtube

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Dear Youtube, I want nothing to do with your shitty paid service. Maybe if you weren’t pounding content creators’ asses with your ridiculous and inconsistent “community guidelines”, they wouldn’t need to attract paying customers to their channels, and instead could focus on content. Being the cunts you are, however, you’ve decided to “demonetize” channels that […]

“Reasonable” Accommodation

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I found something on Wikipedia today that just drew me right back into the thoughts about how ridiculous things have become when it comes to accommodation for various minority issues. In this case, disability: In January 2015, Kmart agreed to pay $102,048 and other consideration to settle a U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission disability discrimination […]

Quick Addendum

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I notice something on my website a lot. I use tons of pre-made crap for most of what I put up. All open-source and free, as you will, but either the theme or WordPress is trying to get info from people. Maybe it’s an addon. I’m not sure how to track it down and smash […]