In Defense of Rey

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We’ve all seen Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens by now, right? Of course we have. If you haven’t, you probably should, even if you don’t want to, just to get it over with. So, what’d you think? Meh? Kinda okay? Not the best, but compared to the prequels it was pretty good, right? Well, I goddamn loved it.

TFA was the exact movie that needed to be made to keep the series on life support while Disney sticks its toe into the water, making sure they won’t get it bitten off. They made some wise decisions by allowing director J.J. Abrams to hold to his vision of a new Star Wars movie. I’ll admit it right from the start: this was an extremely safe version of Star Wars, with nobody getting too particularly surprised at anything. It had a desert planet, a bar scene, an old man delivering wisdom to a young apprentice, guiding her to find the wise old Jedi master, Han solo and Chewie on the Falcon, a new, bigger Death Star, and more Nazi stand-ins than you can shake a crystal skull at. Ironically, that movie didn’t have Nazis, but I digress. Also, after 30 years, Harrison Ford finally got his wish: For his character to die.  Oh, sorry, spoiler alert for the 5 people who were going to see it but just haven’t had time. Seriously, 8 is coming out this year, catch up.

What I didn’t expect after viewing it twice in theaters and buying the blu-ray the day it came out, was that people would have complaints about the movie that were simply stupid if you actually try to understand what’s going on. So let’s get the one that I wrote this about out of the way, then we can explore the other complaints and why they’re stupid too. (more…)

Dear Netflix People

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Hi there! It’s me. Another white, cishet man here to tear down something that the people of color finally get a foot into! Well, okay, not exactly. In fact, I’m all for appropriate diverse casting. I’ll touch on this in general briefly, and probably write something up about the broader topic in another post, but let’s just explore Netflix’s specific stunt-casting for the time being.

So, Netflix, you managed to find a way to bring in more subs! Congratulations. I’m rooting for you to keep going, but the way you’re picking properties isn’t likely to keep you chugging right along for too long. At some point, hopefully soon, this ultra-sensitive social justice warrior craze will fade just like extremist PC culture did in the 1990s. And no, I don’t mean top-end computer hardware here. Computer dick measuring didn’t really become a thing until the later 2000s. I mean the whiny cause-oriented garbage that we’re seeing reemerge lately.

Netflix, you started out with some interesting new original shows. Well, I say “interesting” but I really mean “that happened”. Regardless, you had House of Cards, which kinda made me want to check it out, but then you kept going. “Orange is the New Black” was the new “it” show that brought people’s attention to you. A “women in prison” tv show! This is gonna be aw- oh. It’s a drama. And not filled with attractive supermodels getting naked to disco music. Never mind. But hey, it has plenty of minority characters! That’s good, right? We’re going for diversity, right? Okay, cool. So what’s next? (more…)

Competition for the Internet

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I know I come off as always right-leaning on a lot of my posts, and for the most part, this is true. I’m very much a supporter of the free market and letting people help themselves as much as possible. That said, the internet is one place where I’m very left-leaning. At least, I’m against the ridiculous notion of a “free market” for cable and DSL companies. Why? Because such a thing cannot exist. (more…)

An Open Letter to Youtube

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Dear Youtube,

I want nothing to do with your shitty paid service. Maybe if you weren’t pounding content creators’ asses with your ridiculous and inconsistent “community guidelines”, they wouldn’t need to attract paying customers to their channels, and instead could focus on content. Being the cunts you are, however, you’ve decided to “demonetize” channels that you deem inappropriate for various ridiculous reasons. Now there’s a dearth of available advertisers, forcing famous Youtube content creators to beg for money on Pateron and, ultimately, sign up to create shows for your worthless paid programming.

I get it. You want to be like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, offering feature-length movies for one low-low price. Unfortunately, you don’t have their budget, so instead, you have to do a “pay per view” model with the movies plus a monthly fee for Youtube Red. This is clearly not going to compete with the big guys, and even worse, the subscription that you pay for with Amazon includes movies and TV shows, plus you can choose to “rent” movies in HD if they’re not part of the admittedly small library. (more…)

The Bills are Coming!

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Well, this was posted.

While they try to distract us by the Russian spy drama, North Korea, Bill O’Reilly being fired, etc. the following bills have been introduced to Congress:
1. HR 861 Terminate the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2. HR 610 Vouchers for Public Education
3. HR 899 Terminate the U.S. Department of Education
4. HJR 69 Repeal Rule Protecting Wildlife
5. HR 370 Repeal Affordable Care Act
6. HR 354 Defund Planned Parenthood
7. HR 785 National Right To Work (this one ends unions)
8. HR 83 Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Bill
9. HR 147 Criminalizing Abortion (“Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act”)
10. HR 808 Sanctions against Iran
Please copy/paste and share widely. Call your House Representative and ask them to not only vote “NO”…but to speak up for our rights, health & safety, and our beautiful country.
If your senators and reps aren’t saved in your phone yet, text your zip code to 520-200-2223. You’ll get a text back with everyone’s contact info. It gives you Federal and State.
PASS IT ON (copy and paste, don’t share, for maximum views). This is participant democracy at work.
#electedofficials #politics

So, I’ll just go ahead and do their research for them, then respond! Here comes the fun!


Nintendo is Going Back to Cartridges?!

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Everyone still has a bad taste in their mouths about the N64 still being a cartridge-based system while the industry was heading swiftly into optical media. Sure, the carts had faster load times, but the graphics were going to be better on a CD pretty much regardless. Nintendo, Sony and with the PS2/Game Cube generation, Microsoft threw in their hat, bringing another optical system to the arena, and Nintendo followed suit. Next, the PS3/360 era fought massive wars over a new format: Sony’s Blu-Ray vs. the Microsoft-supported HDDVD. The more technically-powerful disc won out, even if the 360 sold more. Finally, we got the “current” gen with the PS4, One, and Wii U.

Nintendo’s been kinda lagging behind in sales for a while now. That’s clear. Wii and Wii U were both solid, if underpowered systems. But they’re doing something different now. Something old. Something… possibly brilliant. Thing is, they’re being called cartridges, but that’s not exactly what they are. They’re basically memory cards, and this is, frankly, brilliant. Why?


What if Anakin’s Story Were Different?

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I wanted to write up a bit of a response to this video, but I was already starting to go a bit over what would have been allowed on Youtube’s comments.  To summarize, it asks what would have been the result if Anakin Skywalker has been found just after birth and taken in as a Jedi then, rather than at a much older age. Now, his attitudes and ideas may have changed greatly, or they may have morphed into something similar with different circumstances, still leading to his downfall to the dark side. After all, the majority of Sith Lords were raised the right way, from a very early age. Going so far back as Ulic Qel-Droma, and possibly further before the Sith were even a thing known to the Jedi, otherwise good and proper Jedi have fallen to the dark side, while at least one example of an older person being taken in as a padawan has managed to avoid falling completely to the dark side. At least permanently. Luke was the son of a Sith Lord, was improperly trained when he was an old man at 19, had unchecked rage, and learned the lessons of light vs. dark on his own without a Jedi Master or even Knight to guide him!

So enough about nature vs. nurture.  Let’s assume that Anakin ends up turning out very different from his canon self. This is partially irrelevant and leads to a completely different galaxy from the one we know, regardless of whether or not we get a “Darth Vader”.


There Are More Than Four Colors!

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So there’s this video that posits only four colors are necessary for a map. The key issue is that it assumes that countries and states must be contiguous. This isn’t true. For an easy example, look at the U.S.A. Alaska is all alone up northwest of Canada. The theory is that there is no configuration that can create a map requiring more than 4 colors. This is simply incorrect! I made a very crude drawing showing why.

As you can see, Swarzia is split into two geographical locations, split by Nolor. If Northwest Swarzia were another country, this could work with four colors. Shifton could be Red just like Swarzia and NE Swarzia could be yellow, letting Melitus be blue instead.

The theory only works when you consider a “country” a contiguous landmass. We know this isn’t true, especially among allied nations. In fact, look at the Navajo/Hopi nations in Arizona.
I know, I used a GGP Grey video despite the guy having serious misunderstandings about the electoral college system and why it’s necessary for preserving the American ideal of protecting the minority from the majority.

Ultimately, it’s possible to have a map that actually requires more than four colors. The problem isn’t in Numberphile’s math. It’s in the application of that math with specific constrictions that don’t apply to real-world politics or borders. I get the proof, but I disagree that it applies to real situations. Not everything is a perfect sphere with 9.8 m/s/s applied to it. The problem is that in my example, crude as it may be, Melitus is capable of touching four different other nations, some of which also touch each-other.

It’s an artistic proof, but it’s realistic. Alaska is evidence enough that maps may, with the right borders, require more than four colors.  Now imagine if Shifton took a column of Borgar, but left part of Borgar as part of its parent country, and Borgar squeezed out a corridor of Swazia that neighbored Melitus. It gets worse. Much worse.

Your Body, Your Choice, Your Money

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A friend of mine recently asked on Facebook: “Should the government help pay for an abortion for a rape victim?” My simple answer is a flat “no”. The more nuanced answer is a question: “What makes rape different from theft, assault, murder, or rape that doesn’t produce a child?”

Let’s clarify by sharing a personal story. Several years ago, I had a 1995 Honda Civic. I loved that car. It was inexpensive, both to buy and to drive. It got 33mpg average, hitting peaks over 40mpg on really long trips. It looked a sight, and after a rear-ending, I got enough money to get the bumper fixed as well as some extra to get it repainted. I should have left it looking like a shedding snake because it was stolen on December 24th that year. It was stripped and dumped about 15 miles north of where I lived. Well, that’s a shitty Christmas, right? It gets worse. Not only did I lose the car, all the time and money I put into it, as well as several personal items like a pool cue that I felt made me unstoppable, I had to pay for it. All of it. My insurance at the time was PLPD, or basic coverage. Even if I’d met my deductible, the company still would have given me no coverage for theft. Mistake, I know. I was out a car.  I was also out several hundred dollars on top of the car.



The Grammys – Why Beyonce’s Fans are Whiny

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The Grammy Awards is a… prestigious musical award ceremony for only the… best musical performers of the previous year.

Okay, fuck that. The Grammys are designed for a circlejerk of the most played pop artists, giving them a chance to cry on TV while they hold their little gold statuette and say bad things about Republicans for a few hours.

Apparently that whinging chubby girl Adele won just too many awards for fans of Beyonce.  I say “fans” very lightly, because most of them only care about her because she’s non-white and has more money than you, me, and 500 of our closest friends will ever be close enough to get slightly aroused by. This is only a story, and one that I even heard about, because apparently the British warbler broke her award in two pieces because she thought Beyonce’s dick wasn’t wet enough this year. Apparently, being, and I type this with gritted teeth despite it doing absolutely nothing to my fingers, “talented”, Adele simply doesn’t deserve so much respect when there’s a WOC that needs another vacation home!